'MANSA' Fruit Jams are made from select variety of fruits. These are processed using advanced technology under stringent, hygienic and quality control.

These tempting and mouth-watering jams are available in variety of flavors and attractive packing designs and sizes.
These can be eaten with bread , chapattis, custards and puddings and are a huge hit among kids.

• Mix Fruit Jam
• Mango Jam
• Apricot Jam
• Strawberry Jam
• Pineapple Jam
• Apple Jam
• Raspberry Jam
• Fig Jam
• Plum Jam


a) 200g X 12 Glass Bottles
b) 500g X 12 Glass Bottles
c) 1Kg X 12 HDPE Jars
d) 5 Kg X 4 HDPE Jars
e) 4 kgX 6 CANS
f) 15 kg X 2 PALE
g) 15g X 200 Sachets x 4 inner box