100% natural with characteristic Creamish white color and characteristic flavor and taste of the natural White Guava Fruit. The concentrate is free from chemical preservatives.

Specification of Guava Concentrate
Manufacturing Methods:
Puree extracted from sound, matured, ripe White Guava fruits,not obtained from genetically engineered fruits by mechanical process and is concentrated using Mix Flow Double-effect evaporator at low temperatures preserving the natural characteristics of taste, flavor and color. The processing methods conform to Good Manufacturing Practices and are consistent with the production of a high quality product.
Chemical Characteristics:
Brix (at 20°C): 18.0° - 20.0°Brix
Acidity (% as Citric Acid): 0.82-1.0%
‘p H : 3.9-4.2
Pesticide Residue: Absent
Additives: Nil
Organoleptic Characteristics:
Color: Creamish White
Taste: Wholesome & Characteristic of Ripe White Guava
Flavor: Typical Ripe White Guava Fruit flavor
Appearance: Homogenous and Thick
Impurities: Free From any impurities, foreign matter and Pesticide residues.
Sieve Size: Passes through 1/48” sieve
TPC: < 10 cfu=CFU /g
Yeast Count:< 10 cfu=CFU /g
Mould Count:< 10 cfu=CFU /g
Coliforms: Nil
Pathogen: Nil
E.coli: Nil
225 Kg X 80 in Aseptic bag inside M.S.Drum per 20”FCL
Storage Temperatures and Conditions:
To be stored at temperatures of 1°-16°C in a cool and dry place,away from direct sun-light,heat and moisture.
18 months from the date of manufacturing.