We bring the seasonal variety of King of Mangoes “Alphonso” available throughout the year with our sincere processing in Aseptic as well as Canning sections.

Selected and sound mangoes are collected and passed through various processing steps for the conversion into pulps, our pulps are natural and do not contain any additives. The rich sweet taste, amazing color and characteristic aroma of Alphonso is preserved. The mango pulp is free from all the impurities like pieces of mango stones, skin shreds, pesticide residue and black and brown particles.

Feel the immense health benefits coming with each bite of sweet and luscious mangoes..!!

Physical, Chemical and Organoleptic Characteristics

T.S.S. Min 16 Degree Brix
Acidity (% as C/A) Min 0.5%
PH 3.5 - 4.0
Sieve Size 1/32"
Additives Nil
Pesticide Residue Absent
Flavour Typical Ripe Alphonso Mango Flavour
Taste Natural & Characteristic Ripe Alphonso Mango Taste
Colour Natural & characteristic Ripe Alphonso Mango Colour
Appearance Homogeneous liquid
Impurities Free from pieces of Mango stones, shreds of skin, pesticides residues and black & brown particles

Microbial Characteristics

Coli form Nil
TBC (cfu/g) <10 CFU/g
Pathogen Nil
Yeast (cfu/g) <10 CFU/g
Moulds <5 CFU/g
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