We are leading producers and trusted manufacturers of Apricot Pulps. We Jadli Foods (India) Pvt. Ltd. are known for our best quality and hygienic production of apricot pulp. The pulp of the fruit is extracted from completely matured apricot also known as Prunus Armenia L. The color of the fully ripened apricot varies in the shades from orange to yellow. And the flavor and taste of the pulp is natural flavor of apricot and free from burned or off flavor taste. The apricot pulp does not contain seeds and peels and even without pips and any other impurities. We offer best quality of the apricot juice which has influenced our market presence and made it stronger. Apricot pulp is used in many ice creams, desert pies and jams as it is very tasty and nutritious.

The fully matured apricots are selected from the farms and our agronomists send the best of the fruits to the extraction unit of our company. Then the selected fruits are sent for washing and cleaning. The cleaned fruits are de-seeded and are cut into slices. These slices are poured into the extraction chambers. The quality, hygiene and cleanliness of the process is taken utter care off and is monitored using highly sophisticated computers and technology. We process the pulp very carefully and aim at fulfilling client’s requirements. We do not add any additives in the pulp. The processed pulp is obtained by passing through 1/32” sieve tubes. The pH level of the pulp is maintained at 3.5-4.0. The total soluble solid is minimum 16 degree Brix. The acidity as % of citric acid is minimum 0.5%. The color of the pulp we supply is a natural golden yellow color which resembles the color of the apricot. Our state-of-the-art packaging and logistics department is expert enough to pack and deliver the urgent and bulk orders in time.

We fulfill the client’s needs and requirement both at domestic and international level. Our packaging methods are:

6 cans x 3.1 Kgs/Per Carton/1000 Cartons

4 cans x 5.2 Kgs/Per Carton/900 Cartons

We employ the best technology and world class infrastructure in our extraction process. We also follow a multi tier quality system check which enables us to maintain the best quality of our products and serve the best food products to our valuable customers. We are known for offering our best services and market management.

Physical, Chemical and Organoleptic Characteristics

T.S.S. Min 16 Degree Brix
Acidity (% as C/A) Min 0.5%
PH 3.5 - 4.0
Additives Nil
Sieve Size 1/32"
Pesticide Residue Absent
Flavour Characteristic
Taste Characteristic
Colour Golden Yellow

Microbial Characteristics

TBC (cfu/g) <50 CFU/g
Yeast(cfu/g) <50 CFU/g
Moulds <10 CFU/g


  1. 6 cans x 3.1 Kgs/Per Carton/1000 Cartons
  2. 4 cans x 5.2 Kgs/Per Carton/900 Cartons
  3. 1 x 215 Kgs size Aseptic Bag in MS Drum/72 Drums