Being one of the leading runners in the food industry, we provide a range of food products such as fruit juices, fruit pulps and concentrates, processed foods and vegetables. These products are tested under high quality measures and are processed under expert supervision. Jadli Foods (India) Pvt. Ltd. is an ambassador for the quality of the product. We lead in food industry due to our dedication; our team of experts; world class facilities; most advanced infrastructure and our self designed quality protocol. The advancement of our company can be contributed to a multi tier quality control and test approach. From the supply of raw material and processing them in machines to extract the pulp, we have monitoring systems installed to keep a keen eye on every movement.

Among a lot of fruit pulps we supply the pulp of banana has a growing demand in both international and domestic market due to its nutritious value and rich taste. We believe in serving the genuineness and so we actively participate in maintain the original taste of the pulp by not adding other flavors and colors to it. It is made by selected good quality of fully matured bananas. These bananas are de-clustered and washed carefully. Then these bananas are sent to ripening chambers. Further, these fully ripened bananas are washed again and then peeled of manually with the help of skilled and semi-skilled work force. Followed by this, mashing of these bananas takes place in machines and the matter is de-seeded if needed and homogenized.

We offer two kinds of banana pulps and purees namely Natural Banana Puree and Acidified Banana Puree. The major difference between these two types is the acidity level and pH level. In Natural Banana puree, the pH level is between 4.5 and 5.0 and the acidity % as citric acid is 0.35-0.45%. However, in the Acidified Banana Puree, the pH level is between 4 and 4.5 and the acidity % as citric acid is 0.7%. The organoleptic properties of both the banana puree are the same. The color of the puree is creamy white. We try to maintain the flavor of the puree and that is typical ripe banana fruit flavor. The taste of the puree is characteristic ripe banana taste and the puree appears to be homogeneous, thick and creamy. The puree is free from any kind of impurities such as pesticide residue, skin shreds and any other particle.

Further, we have an excellent packaging unit which is capable of packing and supplying bulk and urgent orders to the client efficiently and on time. The puree is packed in sterilized cans and after the filling, the cans are hermetically sealed. The packaging unit is completely sterilized, clean and hygienic. The product is also packed in Pre sterilized Aseptic bags if required by the client and depending upon the loading.

Banana puree is used in many ways namely in bakery for fruit bread, muffins, cakes etc; in beverages, in baby foods and in ice-creams and milk shakes.



Banana Puree is extracted from selected varieties of Cavendish Banana Fruits. Fully matured fruit is transported to processing plant and ripened at control ripening chamber. Inspected, washed, screened, peeled out, crushed, deseeded, removed Impurities and foreign materials and de aerated. Product is commercially sterile and filled aseptic bag as per International standard and under good manufacturing practices.


T.S.S (%) 20 – 22o Brix 20 – 22o Brix
Acidity(%) (as citric acid) 0.35 – 0.45 0.7% Maximum
pH 4.5 – 5.0 4 – 4.5
Consistency 6-10/30 Sec. (on Bostwick) 6-10/30 Sec. (on Bostwick)


Colour Creamy White
Flavour Typical Ripe Banana Fruit
Taste Characteristic Ripe Banana Taste
Appearance Homogenous, Creamy and Thick
Pulping Passed through min. 1/32” sieve


Total Plate Count Not More Than 10 CFU per gm
Yeast and Mold Count Not More Than 10 CFU per gm
E.Coli Absent
Coliform Absent
Salmonella Absent


The Product is packed under complete sterile and hygienic condition in Pre sterilized Aseptic bags with poly liner in MS Drums Net Content is 215 Kgs


  1. 80 Drums /20 ‘FCL

USES: Banana Puree is used as a base raw-material for various Food Industry like

  1. IN BAKERY – For manufacturing Fruit Bread, Cake, Muffing, Pipe Fillings, Icings
  2. IN BEVERAGE & JUICE INDUSTRY – For manufacturing Milk Shake, Fruit Drink, Nectar
  3. IN BAKERY INDUSTRY – For manufacturing Ice-cream, Milk Shake, Yoghurt
  4. IN BABY FOOD INDUSTRY – For manufacturing product like Cereals, Baby Food etc.
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