100% natural with characteristic Creamish white color and characteristic flavor and taste of the natural White Guava Fruit. The concentrate is free from chemical preservatives.

Specification of Guava Concentrate

Manufacturing Methods: Puree extracted from sound, matured, ripe White Guava fruits,not obtained from genetically engineered fruits by mechanical process and is concentrated using Mix Flow Double-effect evaporator at low temperatures preserving the natural characteristics of taste, flavor and color. The processing methods conform to Good Manufacturing Practices and are consistent with the production of a high quality product.
Chemical Characteristics: Brix (at 20°C): 18.0° - 20.0°Brix
Acidity (% as Citric Acid): 0.82-1.0%
‘p H : 3.9-4.2
Pesticide Residue: Absent
Additives: Nil
Organoleptic Characteristics: Color: Creamish White
Taste: Wholesome & Characteristic of Ripe White Guava
Flavor: Typical Ripe White Guava Fruit flavor
Appearance: Homogenous and Thick
Impurities: Free From any impurities, foreign matter and Pesticide residues.
Sieve Size: Passes through 1/48” sieve
Microbiology: TPC: < 10 cfu=CFU /g
Yeast Count:< 10 cfu=CFU /g
Mould Count:< 10 cfu=CFU /g
Coliforms: Nil
Pathogen: Nil
E.coli: Nil
Packing: 225 Kg X 80 in Aseptic bag inside M.S.Drum per 20”FCL
Storage Temperatures and Conditions: To be stored at temperatures of 1°-16°C in a cool and dry place,away from direct sun-light,heat and moisture.
Shelf-Life: 18 months from the date of manufacturing.


Colour Creamy White
Flavour Typical Ripe Banana Fruit
Taste Characteristic Ripe Banana Taste
Appearance Homogenous, Creamy and Thick
Pulping Passed through min. 1/32” sieve


Total Plate Count Not More Than 10 CFU per gm
Yeast and Mold Count Not More Than 10 CFU per gm
E.Coli Absent
Coliform Absent
Salmonella Absent


The Product is packed under complete sterile and hygienic condition in Pre sterilized Aseptic bags with poly liner in MS Drums Net Content is 215 Kgs


  1. 80 Drums /20 ‘FCL

USES: Banana Puree is used as a base raw-material for various Food Industry like

  1. IN BAKERY – For manufacturing Fruit Bread, Cake, Muffing, Pipe Fillings, Icings
  2. IN BEVERAGE & JUICE INDUSTRY – For manufacturing Milk Shake, Fruit Drink, Nectar
  3. IN BAKERY INDUSTRY – For manufacturing Ice-cream, Milk Shake, Yoghurt
  4. IN BABY FOOD INDUSTRY – For manufacturing product like Cereals, Baby Food etc.