Jadli Foods (India) Pvt. Ltd. We are the front runners in the manufacturing and exporting of fruit pulps and concentrates, processed foods and vegetables. We are known for our quality and most technologically advanced infrastructure. We have an expert team of agronomists, food technologists and many skilled and semi-skilled workers. Our engineers are involved in providing the best of the production facilities for the processing and extraction of our products. The complete work environment is highly sophisticated, healthy and clean. We follow a strict quality protocol which is designed by our expert technicians and it employed in all the working and manufacturing modules.

Among all the fruit pulps and concentrates, we have an exclusive range of tamarind concentrate. Tamarind is a leguminous tree and produces pod like fruit. Tamarind is used extensively in ingredients for the cuisines, medicines, and metal polishes. We supply tamarind concentrate for the edible usage mainly. Our team of agronomists chooses the tamarind according to their quality and allows them to be used for further processing. Every stage is ensured to abide by the quality standards. Each fruit is checked and then washed for further processes. We have the world class amenities for the extraction of tamarind. Our supply chain network is strong and supplies the tamarind concentrate to domestic as well as international market on time.

Though tamarind is known across the world with different names, however, the botanical name of tamarind is Tamarindus Indica Linn. This name indicates the Indian variety of tamarind. The T.S.S. for the tamarind concentrate is maintained at 65 degrees Brix. Tamarind is sour in taste, so the acidity of the concentrate is 11.0 + 2.0. Also the pH level of the tamarind concentrate is 2.3 to 4.0. We do not use any kind of preservative or sweetener in tamarind concentrate in order to maintain the originality of the product and quality of the product. The color of the concentrate is chocolate brown and the flavor the product is characteristic flavor of the tamarind. This proves the genuineness of our products. The taste of the tamarind concentrate is fruity odor of the tamarind and it appears to be reddish brown viscous liquid. The concentrate is thick. We do not add any other ingredient in the concentrate which leads to maintain the original change of the tamarind. Packaging is done in 378 x 55 Kg PP Liner Bag in Food Grade HDPE Drum in 20 FCL. We have employed a state-of-the-art packaging and logistics plant which enables us to fulfill the bulk and urgent demand of clients in the domestic and international market.

We are leading manufacturers and exporters of the best food products in the world market. Though we have a lot of brands for different private companies, but our own leading brand is Mansa. All the processed food is supplied under the brand Mansa.

Tamarind concentrate is used as a pickling agent, syrups, as a preservative, for making jams, for medicinal purpose, for sausages and tamarind pastes.

Chemical Characteristics

Name of the Product Tamarind Concentrate
Botanical Name Tamarindus Indica Linn
Variety Indian
T.S.S 65o Brix
Acidity (% as Citric Acid) 11.0 + 2.0
PH 2.3 + 0.4

Organoleptic Characteristics

Colour Chocolate Brown
Flavour Characteristic of Tamarind
Taste Fruity Odour of Tamarind
Appearance Reddish Brown Viscous Liquid
Preservative None
Sweetner None
Ingredient statement Natural, 100% extract of Tamarindus Indica Linn only
Application Sauces, Fruit Juice Blends, Condiments, seasonings, Acidifier, Preservative, Confectionery, Syrups, Helath Drinks etc.


Total Plate Count Max. 10/gm
Yeast and Mould Max. 10/gm
E.Coil Nil

PACKING SIZE/1 X 20’Ft Container Capacity

  1. 378 x 55 Kg PP Liner Bag in Food Grade HDPE Drum in 20 FCL