Come and experiment 'MANSA' range of Tomato Ketchup and Sauces.

'MANSA' Tomato Ketchup is sweet and tangy, made with finest quality of tomatoes and zestful spices and condiments.

Feel the twang in every bite of snacks, noodles and pizza topped with 'MANSA' Green Chilli Sauce, Red Chilli Sauce, Tomato Ketchup, Soya Sauce and Vinegar.

Glimpse of Ketchup, Sauces and Vinegar :

  1. Tomato Ketchup
  2. Green Chilli Sauce
  3. Red Chilli Sauce
  4. Soya Sauce, Hot and Sweet Sauce
  5. Vinegar(White/Black)


  1. 1 Kg X 12 Nos.Bottles per Carton
  2. 700 g X 12 Nos.Bottles per Carton
  3. 500 g X 12 Nos.Bottles per Carton
  4. 200 g X 24 Nos.Bottles per Carton
  5. 650 ml X 12 Nos. Bottles per Carton
  6. 180 ml X 24 Nos. Bottles per Carton

We offer a range of Squashes and Syrups to beat the thirst and heat. These are of finest quality, refreshing. Feel the immense pleasure of Jadli Foods Squashes and Syrups in every sip.

Varieties of Squashes :

Orange, Litchi and Lemon Varieties of Syrups :- Rose and Khus Syrup Packing : 750 ml X 12 Bottles per Carton