'MANSA' brings a variety of Pickles and Chutney. The pickles are made of sorted fruits and vegetables and authentic spices. The traditional taste is retained while processing in advanced technology with stringent hygienic and quality control.

Experience the taste and the spark our pickle creates with every meal or snack.

'MANSA' Mango Chutney comes in the range of Sweet Mango Chutney and Hot and Sweet Mango Chutney. These add extra taste to the meals.

Variety of Pickles :

  1. Mix Pickle
  2. Mango Pickle
  3. Lime Pickle
  4. Green Chilli Pickle
  5. Chilli Lime Pickle
  6. Garlic Pickle
  7. Ginger Pickle etc.


  1. 400 g X 24 Glass Jar/Carton
  2. 1 Kg X 15 In Plastic Jar/Carton
  3. 5 Kg X 4 In Plastic Jar/Carton
  4. 20/40 Kg HDPE Food Grade Carboys

Variety of Mango Chutney :

  1. Sweet Mango Chutney
  2. Hot and Sweet Mango Chutney
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