Among the wide food line of our company Jadli Foods (India) Pvt. Ltd. canned fruits have acquired an important position due to their growing demand in both international and domestic markets. We supply canned pineapple slices, peach slices, mango slices, cherry and pears slices. Our packaging faculties for the canned fruits are 12 x 850 Gms per carton. These faculties can be flexibly varied as per client’s requirements. At competitive prices, we make the canned foods available in both international and domestic markets. Our agronomists hand pick the best quality of fruits from our productivity centers at Ratnagiri, Mysore, South Gujarat, Krishnagiri, Chittor, Shimla, Jammu & Kashmir, Meerut, Lucknow and Assam. Our canned foods have a long shelf life; they are safe to consume and are free from any kind of contamination. Our packing standards are also acclaimed genuine and we adhere to international food grade standards.

Canning is a way of preserving food for a longer time so that the food can be consumed fresh even after an elongated time period. The fruits are packed in an air tight container and the shelf life of the fruit may vary from 1 to 5 years. It is done to prevent a food from getting spoiled and to extend their shelf life. Canned fruits have a very rich dietary fiber and vitamins. Sometimes the canned fruits are contains more nutritional value than the fresh or frozen fruits. While canning, the fruits are heated. This heating makes the dietary fiber more soluble which is why the canned foods are more nutritious.

Though in order to prevent a food from spoiling, a lot of techniques are used such as pasteurization, refrigeration, boiling, freezing, drying, using anti microbial agents, vacuum treatment etc, however, canning is considered to be the most reliable and trusted solution for storing the fruits. The fruits whose pH level is below 4.6 are safely canned. This thing is kept in mind while canning any fruit or vegetable. Our food technologists have a great experience and skills which makes them proficient in all these activities. Their experience guides us and shows us the correct path and we achieve success under Jadli Foods (India) Pvt. Ltd’s expert supervision. We believe in our state-of-the-art infrastructure and highly advanced technology. Our technology can beat any other competitor in terms of quality. We monitor our quality standards from the entrance to the final end product.

Specification of Canned Fruit Slices in Syrup

Varieties Pineapple Slices, Mango Slices, Peach Slices, Pears Slices, Cherry
Packing 12 x 850 Gms per carton
Quantity per FCI 1x 20 Ft Capacity : 850 Cartons

Specification of Sauce

Varieties Green Chilly Sauce, Red Chilly Sauce, Soya Sauce, Continental Sauce & Black & White Vinegar
Packing 200 Gms x 12 per Carton
500 Gms x 12 per Carton
1 kg x 12 per Carton
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