We at Jadli Foods (India) Pvt. Ltd. have a wide range of food products in market under our brand “Mansa” and we also provide food products for many private companies. Our product range comprises of fruit pulps and concentrates; bakery ingredients; agro commodities and processed fruits and vegetables. The processed fruits and vegetables division takes into account mixed pickles, squash drinks, tomato sauce, canned fruits and fruit juices. Our agronomists select best of the fruits from farms and these fruits and vegetables are sent to the manufacturing units. In the manufacturing units these fruits are cleaned and washed properly. Thereafter as per their usage and requirements, these fruits and vegetables are sorted and sent to different manufacturing modules. We have a different mechanical set up for different products. And different temperature and pressure conditions are monitored. We have a state-of-the-art infrastructure provided and maintained by our engineers. Our expert supervision takes care of all the activities being done in the manufacturing unit.

Our mixed pickles are famous for their taste and flavors. Our pickles are in great demand in both international and domestic market. These pickles are made and processed with the best quality of fruits and vegetables and the best of the ingredients are used for them. The pickles are tested on various food standards before the dispatch. Our mixed pickles do not contain any harmful spices or ingredients. They are made with the best quality of oils and aromatic herbs and spices are used in these pickles.

The Pickles are manufactured under the brand name of “Mansa” and are in great demand because of their flavor and taste. Pickles contain a lot of salt in order to preserve them for a longer time. Our Mixed pickle contains a lot of vegetables like lemon, mango, carrot, chili etc. Pickles have a distinctive and spicy taste. Pickles need a sophisticated and sensitive processing, and we have the best of the infrastructure to process and preserve the pickles. A lot of things are to be kept in mind while processing the pickles and we have all the necessary guidance and mechanism to work well with pickles. Our pickles are famous both in international and domestic markets. We are capable of providing the best of the pickles because we use proper ingredients, best oil, best aromatic herbs and spices and well trusted preservatives. Our mixed pickles have an amazing taste and are loved with chapattis, rice, breads, naans and many more.

Specification of Pickles

Varieties Mixed, Mango, Lime, Green Chilly, Lime Chilly, Ginger, Garlic, Stuffed Red Chilly
Packing 400 Gms x 12 Nos. Glass Jar per carton
Quantity per FCI 1x20 Ft Container Capacity : 2900 Cartons