Squash or cordial or juice, is a non alcoholic fruit concentrate drink made from fruit juice, sugar and water. Squashes may also use edible colors in order to look colorful and attractive. Some of the traditional squashes may also have herbal extracts. Since squashes are concentrated syrups, they should be mixed with water or soda before use. It may also be used with alcoholic beverage to prepare a cocktail. Squash drinks are popular fruit drinks for every age group. The base of the squash drink is citrus fruits specifically orange or lemon but it can also be a mix of fruits and berries. Our most popular offerings in blends are apple with blackcurrant, orange with mango and raspberry with pomegranate. Our squash drinks have a remarkable taste and flavor. Squash drinks are popular across all the countries.

At Jadli Foods (India) Pvt. Ltd. we manufacture the best quality products. Our wide range of processed fruits & vegetables division offers a wide range of products such as mixed pickles, squash drinks, sauces, fruit juices etc. Our squash drinks are available in many distinguished flavors such as orange flavor squash, mango flavor squash, pineapple flavor squash and lemon flavor squash.

We procure the fruits from the best and reliable sources and these raw materials are checked by our expert agronomists. These fruits are then sent our manufacturing and processing units. The fruits are washed and are being checked for quality for further processing. The peeled and sliced fruits are put in to the machines for processing of squashes. We have the best of the infrastructure for the processing of many foods. Our properly disciplined logistics and packaging department is capable of supplying bulk and urgent orders of our prestigious clients. We have an expert team of workers and managers who are skilled and experienced. Their experience and knowledge is our strength. Our squash drinks do not contain any added flavors or sweeteners. Our squash drinks are made completely from fruits, sugar and water and nothing else. Our squash drinks are well preserved are safe to consume. We are known for the best quality control measures and strict quality standard maintenance which makes us stand apart and firm in the competition among other food products company. We are completely engrossed in the quality check and the hygiene of the food. We encounter a multi tier quality monitoring protocol which yields amazing results.

Specification of Pickles

Varieties Lime, Litchi, Orange, Mango,Rose
Packing 750 ml x 12 nos. Glass Bottle per carton
Quantity per FCI 1x20 Ft Container Capacity : 1400 Cartons