We, Jadli Foods (India) Pvt. Ltd. are a trusted name in supplying quality assured range of tutti fruitti (dried Papaya) which comes under the category of bakery products. Our range of food products include fruit pulp and concentrates; bakery ingredients; processed foods including both vegetables & fruits; agro commodities and many more. Our products are highly nutritious, good for health and are packed genuinely and sealed properly. The temperature and pressure conditions while processing of the foods is kept in control in order to maintain the hygiene of the products. This control of atmospheric conditions leads to a longer shelf life of the products.

Tutti fruitti means a mix of all the fruits. It contains all the dried and candied fruits. It is dried in order to preserve it. We dye our tutti fruitti in order to make it look more attractive and beautiful. These colors used for dying are edible colors. Tutti fruitti is basically an Italian confection. Tutti Fruitti is used mostly in ice creams, cakes, cookies etc. A variety of fruits are used to make it such as dried papaya, apricot, mango and grape fruit. And to experiment a little bit, sometimes nuts are also being used. Tutti fruitti can be preserved in brandy or dried. Traditionally, tutti fruitti is preserved in brandy.

Tutti Fruitti (Dried Papaya) is made from mature and raw papaya by making incisions and draining the papaya extract using highly sophisticated machines. The fruit is well washed and peeled off. Then the fruit deseeded and is cut into smaller pieces. The fruit is then soaked in 2% brine containing calcium chloride for some time. Further these pieces are boiled in our boiling chambers with the addition of sugar. While all this processing, the temperature of the room is kept constant favoring the manufacturing of the product. When the complete product is obtained, it is dried with the help of oue machines. The tutti fruitti is then packed by out logistics department and supplied.

We at Jadli Foods (India) Pvt. Ltd. are blessed to have a fantastic working environment both in terms of manpower and mechanical power. We have an experienced and expert team of agronomists, food technologists, skilled and semi skilled labor, engineers, logistics and managers. This team works out all the spheres of manufacturing and exporting of our products. Owing to the hard work, dedication and quality assurance of our range of products, we have made a strong presence in both international and domestic markets.

Specification of Tutti Fruity (Glaced Papaya)

Ingredients Papaya pieces, Sugar and Citric acid
Use Ideal for decoration and for filling in Pastries, Cakes, lce-creams, Breads, Biscuits etc
Packing In cartons, Each carton to contain 15kgs (net wt.) of Tutti Fruity.
Specifications Min. 72° Brix
Shelf Life
One year from the date of production
Quantity per FCI

13OO Cartons